The Unplanned 3 days Journey Around Gokarna

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Today I am going to Share the Experience of the 3 days trip towards Agumbe , Murudeshwara, Gokarna. So you Can Plan if you are planning to go for the same place. So i have Written Unplanned and planned why because Initially we have Planned in the different places and different days . But we have gone into the different places and the different days . Initially We have decided to go for the 3 days to the Around chikkamagalur ,Murudeshwara , Dandeli, Gokarna . But due the River rafting was not available we have to drop the plan of the Dandeli .So Now we are ready for 3 places but the TempoTraveller is not available as everyone in the group required the known driver so our friend TT was booked till the first day of our journey . So Now we have take a decision to go for the same day with the different TT or go with the trip one day after . So finally we have decided to leave our home on Saturday night that’s on one day after we planned . The trip wont be Entertained if everyone come has planned after some people of doubtfulness including me as i don’t have a leave on the last day. So i have finally made my mind and decided to go and taken the laptop to do WFM on the last day .

It was Saturday Morning we have packed the cloths and we have arranged the Food items as we have decided to cook on own .I forget to mention one thing it was some frustrated and Much needed trip as we were living in the Corona pandemic .Finally the time arrived around 10:00 Saturday night to Leave the home to go for the trip. We have loaded everything to the TT and Some of my Friends did the Pooja . One of the my friend Stole one of the flower garland for the TT and just after we left the home towards the Chikkamagalur .But We have Got the news not allowing the people to the Mullayyanagiri and Bababudangiri hills ,So we have to change the plan we have changed the mind to go for gokarna first then its seems to be the wrong decision as we have planned the last days to the beach . We tried planning to go for Narasimha Parvatha hills trek but due to the some wild animals they are not allowing .

We have finally decided to move to the Agumbe and lets what can be done . In the Early Morning of Sunday we have reached near Agumbe and found flowing water down the bridge and decided to fresh up in the place . One of the Friend in the Group just drank the glass of whisky and went for the fresh up and it was an insane picture . Just after the fresh up decided to make the breakfast there only as that place looks clean and don’t want find the new place to make the food then we packed the food and started the travel towards the Agumbe . We have reached the Agumbe around 9 am to the Sunset Point and the View is good and We did some photo session and Move on the Next place . We don’t have any clear idea where we are moving . We have decided to move on to the Kudle theertha Falls before that we have just found the place for breakfast . Kudle theertha Falls is just 15km away from the agumbe main road and the way towards the Falls is very bad but the Environment to the Falls and Falls itself is too beautiful . You will feel worthwhile traveling in the ups and downs of the broken road . Once you reach the starting point we have to take a ticket from the forest department which cost 200rs per person but believe its worth spending . It is a half an hour trek from starting point to the falls and there are Some leaches in between the way . We have taken some photos and get into the Falls as only few people are there . It is Advised to go around 10 as only less people will be there and you will get much time to spend .

We have spent the time till 2 in the Falls and Just after that we start towards the Murudeshwara on the way we have stopped in the Marvante Beach and spent some time over there . If you Come sunset time you can see the Beautiful sunset in the Marvante as we have reached early we could not able to see the Sunset there . Around 7 pm we have reached to the murudeshwara . Murudeshwara is a holy city dedicated to Lord Shiva city mainly prides itself on having the second tallest sculpture of Lord Shiva in the whole world.You can Visit the temple and play in the beach spend some time over there .we have booked budget friendly room for night stay for 1500 for 11 people then we bought the chicken and fish made the fry and taken and Moved to the beach but due to we didn’t get a space we moved back to the room,eat and spent the time then again went for walking to the beach .

It was very calm and you will get good feeling in the night wave breeze.Next day We have Prepared&had the Breakfast in the room and then moved to Apsarakonda Waterfalls . The Falls is Not Good but there is beach 5 to 10 min walk from here . The Beach is Beautiful and it is good for Photo shooting.This beach is not so famous only few People will be there you can spend one day Full here . We have stayed till 4 then moved towards Gokarna and reached around 5:30 to Kudle Beach . This Beach is Very Good i would suggest you to stay here in the night . We have stayed night in the Gokarna Beach then Next day we have moved to Kudle beach spent entire day till evening in the beach . Finally We left the Gokarna Around 5 pm on the way around near Shivamogga we have prepared the Nice Biryani and Ate . Left to Bangalore around 8:30 and Reached the Bangalore Around 6 am in the Morning .

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