Importance of Covid Vaccine and How to register in the Cowin Portal

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Corona!Corona!Corona! .

We were expected that 2021 will be a Fruitful year regardless of so many hindrance we faced in the year of the 2020 . But 2021 turned out to be a Very Bad and difficult year due unprecedented increase in the Corona Cases . Everyday Almost 3 Lakh new cases are Registering in India and GOVT is Also Trying Vaccinate all the People . Due to Sudden Spike in the cases we are facing Everywhere the Shortage of Beds ,Medicine (ex: Remdisvier), Oxygen and So many people have Lost there Beloved and Precious ones .Even in the Situation there are so many Rumors around the Vaccine which leave the People in the daliama and thinking does the Vaccine Actually Work or not . What is the Use of the Vaccine . Here i tried answering all the Questions . In India Basically there are 2 types of the Vaccine one is COVISHILD and another is COVAXIN . Both has a Efficiency of 70 – 80 % . what  the meaning of this – which means in simple term Vaccine is able to Provide 80% of protection against the disease so Vaccine will stop the Replication of the Virus . There was a Myth that we don’t get Corona after Vaccine but if Someone got we started to blame its not Working . Please Leave that Myth . Basically Vaccine Will act like a Soldier . So Vaccine Will Damage and Reduce the Force of Attack to the body which help us to Recover Fast intend reduce the Mortality Rate. Once more thing why 2 doses are Required . As You have taken the First Dose our Body Will try to develop the Antibody which required to Protect against the COVID . But the Antibodies which is developed is not sufficient . When you take a Second Dose of Vaccine which will Act as Booster to First . So it will develop the Antibodies which required to Fight against the disease . I Urge to all the People to take the Vaccine as soon as Available which Really helps to brake the Chain of the Covid -19.

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Register for COVID-19 Vaccine in the COWIN PORTAL .

  • First step is to go to CoWIN Portal website and click on Register / Sign in Yourself.
  • Enter your mobile number and click on GET OTP then an OTP will be recieved on your phone,  enter and click on Verify.
  • First You have to the vaccination registration, users have to fill all their details (Eg :Any ID proof(AADAR Will be good ), name, gender and date of birth etc.). then click on register button.
  • Once  registrationis done. you will have to schedule an appointment. So there is Button for schedule, please click on the schedule.
  • Then Enter your PIN code and click Search and check for the Nearest center on your given PIN code , confirm by selecting a date, name and center .
  • Done Your are ready to take Vaccine . You can Register upto 4 member in one MobileNumber.
  • Once You get Vaccinated download the Certificate in the COWIN Portal .
Please Note for the Above 45 age People you can Just Walkin to the Nearst Vaccine Centre and get Vaccinated . No need to Register in the COWIN Portal . But for the 18-44 age people Registration is mandatory in COWIN PORTAL .
Lastly Stay Home , Stay Safe , Get Vaccinated . Together Will Break the Corona Chain and Make the India Healthier.

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